About Us

ATTIC TREASURES OF HARLEM had its beginning with a lovely lady by the name of Mrs. Cora Neal, a beloved teacher at North Harlem Elementary. She had breast cancer and eventually succumbed to it. She felt there was a need for a place where clothing, books, furniture, and other items could be donated for resale and the profit given to “Relay for Life” (a division of the American Cancer Society). Mrs. Cora and various friends volunteered their time a few hours a week. At that time the “Attic” was only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. After Mrs. Cora passed on, the “Attic” continued to operate doing the same great thing, but it changed hands several times. Soon it became evident that the doors would be closing on what was Mrs. Cora’s “Dream”.

In the fall of 2007, five ladies (some gray haired!) could not let that happen, so they decide to take it over. They gave themselves six months to see if they could make it work. If they were able to pay all the operating costs and still be able to donate to “Relay for Life” and other worthy causes they would continue. They put their heart and soul into the “Attic” and here it is years later and they have done more than they ever thought possible. There are more volunteers now and they give to many, many more worthy causes. Ask any of them if they love it and you’ll get the same answer every time, “Of course we do!!”

In the fall of 2012 we moved in to our new larger location.  We now have plenty of parking and alot more floor space.  Stop by and shop this terrific new store.  You'll be glad you did!

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